About Us

Our Commitment

In the spring of 2005, we moved to Maine and began to establish our household. No idea or concept brought us here, just simple need. With respect to the heritages of our past, the culture of the land we inherited and the hope of a new beginning, we have put forth our desire to provide a living for our family and a blessing for our community through Mainely Piñatas.

Years before we began Mainely Piñatas, we had a desire to start a business of some sort, but for one reason or another, were not able to get them off the ground. Yet, all the while, the ethics of our vision have no changed:

  • to provide a product or service to the community in which we live.
  • to make it to the highest quality possible.
  • to make it affordable to all, so as not to “price out” people such as ourselves, who may be on a limited budget.
  • and above all, to not use pushy sales techniques to sell our product, you buy it because you appreciate it, not because we sold you something you were not aware of or didn’t want.
  • to produce a product which is “green”, “ecofriendly”, which a small carbon footprint.


Since our first pinata for the birthday of one of our children, our friends, family and neighbors have been nothing but supportive of our endeavors, every journey has a beginning, including ours. Won’t you come join us in creating an exceptional product?



The Dahlk Family