Our Product

  • Our “green” pinatas are produced in our small off-the-grid facility.
  • We are committed to energy conservation through the reduction of our carbon footprint.
  • Although there exists no certification process for pinatas, we certify that our pinatas contain at least 75% post consumer, recycled product.
  • Our pinatas are 100% hand crafted to each individual order. No mass production.
  • Each order is a custom order, therefore our shipping/production times are slightly longer than other producer.

We offer many options for your pinata:

  • size and price variation
  • break-ability options
  • standard and custom designs

In order to produce our pinatas in as earth-friendly manner as possible, we use the old fashioned method of air drying, without the aid of mechanical assistance. We understand this takes a little more time to produce our product, but we think it’s well worth it, for sustainability sake.